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What is Baking Soda Blasting? Baking soda blasting is the process in which compressed air delivers sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) based blasting media onto a surface. Unlike sand, the softness and particle size of the soda produces a unique cutting action that has little or no effect on most substrates. Soda does not heat up or cause warping and will not cause flash rust and does not harm glass, chrome or rubber.

Why Soda Blasting? Baking soda is non toxic via ingestion, inhalation or skin contact, unlike sand blasting which creates dust that is hazardous to your lungs. It is non flammable, non hazardous and water soluble. Soda blasting reduces solid waste to less than 5% of original waste volume as it can be dissolved in water. Unlike glass beads or plastic media, baking soda may require no pre-wash and its water solubility allows for complete rinsing, eliminating the risk of spent media lodging in tight spaces or critical passageways. It also reduces the use of dangerous solvents such as the chemical strippers used on wood furniture.

Effective for:
- paint removal
- automotive, marine & aerospace
- degreasing
- abrasive cleaning
- mold, smoke & fire clean up
- deodorizing
- coating removal
- furniture stripping
- industrial equipment cleansing
- building restoration-interior & exterior
- commercial equipment cleaning
- graffiti removal

Cleans: paint, varnish, graffiti, grease, oil, powder coating, stains, sludge, smoke damage, graffiti, and more

Who are we? Fredrick's Soda Blasting is a family owned business. Owners John and Colly Fredrick have over 35 years combined experience in the automotive body repair industry.

Where are we? Fredrick's Soda Blasting is located in Muskegon, Michigan but we are a mobile company so we can come to you. While our typical service area includes the West Michigan area, we will travel all over Michigan and surrounding states.





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